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In the winery we aim to guide our wines through fermentation and maturation as gently and naturally as possible.
We believe that through this gentle process, we can capture the true essence of the fruit that we put so much effort into growing.
For this reason we allow a natural spontaneous fermentation to occur, mature the wines in seasoned oak casks,
move the wine making use of gravitational flow rather than pumps, and bottle without filtration.

Once the staff have finished picking (and have had a well-earned break) they move indoors to the winery. Here, the bunches of grapes are inspected before being destemmed. Tiny pieces of stem that make it through the destemmer are then removed from the grapes before they are crushed. The crushed grapes drop into a tub which, once full, is transported by a forklift to a tank for skin contact.

From this point onwards, the process varies for white and red grapes.

Red grapes spend the next two to three weeks in a fermenting tank. For this process we have both concrete and stainless steel tanks. All tanks are open topped, and during the fermentation, the grape skins are gently mixed with the juice using a wooden plunger. This happens one to four times a day. Fermentation is carried out by the natural yeasts which live on the skins of the grapes. Once the juice has fermented dry, the wine is left in contact with the skins for further colour and tannin extraction for a few days. The wine is then drained from the skins and the skins are loaded into a basket press and gently pressed to extract the last of the wine. Red wines then go straight into barrel. We use mostly second and third-fill French oak barrels and will store the wine in these for up to two years.

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White wines only spend a couple of hours on their skins. The juice is separated from the skins before fermentation starts and, following overnight settling, goes straight into barrel. The wine ferments and is left to mature on its lees for six to eight months.
Wines are only fined if necessary using natural fining products. They are removed from the barrels and allowed to settle in tank before being bottled and corked by hand without filtration. All of the actions above are carried out making use of gravitational flow rather than pumping the wine; in fact, we don’t even own a pump! We then mature our wines in the bottle for six months to a year before releasing them. This ensures that they have settled adequately after the activity of bottling them. Wines are labelled and packaged by hand. Every bottle and box is checked before it leaves the cellar.